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In the context of cybersecurity, 2019 was marked by APT attacks, the search for hardware vulnerabilities, and high-profile leaks. While company leaders realized the need to build an effective information security system, criminals settled firmly in cyberspace. Here you need to stop and pick up a good antivirus solution to be on the safe side, to read Webroot review, or to find some efficient free antivirus for your device.

The ratio of the forces of cybercriminals and defenders is not in favor of the latter: APT groups actively use the latest vulnerabilities, act very quickly, and, most importantly, often change tools and tactics. The immediate threat of complex targeted attacks encourages companies to take a fresh look at the effectiveness of security systems. …

Big companies know how much a business can suffer from a data leak or any other kind of cyber attacks. That’s why they put a lot of effort and budget in securing their corporate information on every level. But smaller businesses tend to think that they are invisible to hackers and thus, safe.

The truth is, small companies are as vulnerable to threats as big ones. Even if hackers less often target them for their profit, there are other reasons why malefactors would want to aim at a specific firm.

For example, they can be hired by competitors of the company. But the more likely scenario is that employees would just catch a virus or malware on their device that will harm the corporate data. …

A recent investigation has shown that Avast, a well-known online protection brand, has violated user privacy by selling its data to many companies through its other service, Jumpshot. We have studied the event, what data was collected, and the reactions from both sides.

Avast Company

Avast Antivirus is one of the most popular Internet security companies on the market. It offers its users an opportunity to use the innovative antivirus program for free. However, it also offers premium versions. Aside from antivirus, Avast offers other additions to its internet security package, including browser protection, VPN, and others.

After its launch, Avast has quickly found a grateful and interested audience. It has more than 435 million users internationally and often expands its reach. It employs more than 1.700 employees and boasts a revenue of $873 million in 2019. The free version, so commonly downloaded almost everywhere globally, offers its users essential antivirus protection, Internet scans, password manager, and the chance to customize some protective features. With such growing popularity, it is understandable that Avast is interested in growing its audience and using the number of users to its advantage. While this model is legal and adapted by many companies, it seems that Avast over-exploited its users’ loyalty this time. …

Our cultural life moves into virtual space, as well as many business operations. We no longer go to the bank, but go to the bank’s website or app on a mobile phone. We do not go to the store, but order goods on the local websites or abroad.

One unreliable password can cause many problems. Suppose a hacker picked up a password for your primary mail. They learned that you were using iCloud, restored access to it, and blocked your iPhone. Then, they reset the password to your Facebook page and got access to your personal messages. There the attacker found a photo of your documents, a phone number, and credit card details. …

Identity theft in America is a problem that is growing by leaps and bounds with each passing year. Some experts are even calling it an epidemic because of the numbers of people who are being affected by this insidious crime. The best identity theft protection is taking a proactive stance and making it as difficult as possible for the criminals to get their hands on your personal information.

There are ten ways that you can help to foil the bad guys and make their job much more difficult. The bottom line is that the best identity theft protection is following all of these suggestions so that you make yourself an unattractive target and they move on to easier prey. …


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